We are a close-knit team and are firm believers in working and playing hard. Everyone is on a first-name basis here and the work culture is most definitely a friendly one. Although we take our work very seriously, our outlook in life is somewhat more light-hearted. As such, it is easy to get along with just about anyone in the firm.

There is nothing that we enjoy more than giving law undergraduates an opportunity to experience first-hand what working in a law firm is like. Here, interns work closely with and assist the lawyers in their ongoing matters. This virtually guarantees that the interns will attend client meetings, Court hearings and settlement conferences.

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We are always on the lookout for ambitious young lawyers who are eager to learn, dedicated, intelligent and diligent to be part of our fast expanding firm. As a young lawyer, you will be groomed to uphold a high standard of practice, professionalism and integrity. At the same time, we are committed to helping our colleagues learn, grow and improve as lawyers and, more importantly, as human beings.


If you are interested in joining us as an intern, a pupil or as a lawyer, please send your resume to



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