Litigation and Dispute Resolution Law Firm

Your legal challenges warrant professional expertise. Each type of dispute, be it commercial disagreements, personal disputes, or international contentions, demands a unique strategy and tailored expertise. For those seeking litigation and dispute resolution lawyers, it is crucial to be represented by a specialised law firm like Oon & Bazul to enhance the chances of an advantageous outcome.

With a dedicated team that thrives on challenges, Oon & Bazul has earned its reputation by consistently delivering on its promise of excellence. Clients from various sectors have entrusted their most critical legal challenges to our litigation and dispute resolution lawyers, confident in our ability to navigate the intricacies of any dispute. Whether it’s a local issue or a matter that spans multiple jurisdictions, you can be assured that your interests are always safeguarded with Oon & Bazul.

At the forefront of legal representation, Oon & Bazul offers a comprehensive suite of litigation and dispute resolution services tailored to meet the distinct needs of our clientele. Our Litigation & Dispute Resolution team has the capability and experience to handle even the most complex disputes involving multiple parties, several languages, dozens of issues and thousands of documents. Apart from appearing as counsel in proceedings before the Singapore courts and tribunals, our lawyers are particularly experienced in supervising and coordinating dispute resolution and enforcement in multi-jurisdictional disputes.

Over the years, we have handled a wide variety of matters in industry sectors as diverse as shipping, insurance and reinsurance, construction, oil and gas, automotive, retail, trusts, securities and regulatory issues. Our litigation and dispute resolution lawyers are also regularly instructed to assist in obtaining injunctive reliefs, as well as in the enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards.

Notwithstanding our extensive litigation and arbitration experience, the focus of our lawyers is always on resolving disputes in the most effective and commercially-sensible way possible, be it through formal legal proceedings, mediation, or simply through settlement discussions.

Our seasoned team specialises in both litigation and alternative resolution methods, including arbitration and mediation, ensuring tailored approaches for diverse cases. Our litigation and dispute resolution lawyers have successfully managed multi-jurisdictional disputes, drawing from their deep understanding of various legal systems and cultures. By integrating exhaustive legal research with innovative strategy development, our team consistently achieves favourable outcomes.

Case Studies for Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Delve into the below case studies that showcase Oon & Bazul’s unparalleled expertise in litigation and dispute resolution. Explore how we’ve steered diverse cases to successful conclusions and understand why Oon & Bazul is a trusted name in legal circles.

Secured a US$5 billion Mareva injunction as well as a sealing order on behalf of one of the largest banks in Central Asia in respect of a massive fraud perpetrated by the bank’s former chairman and by other individuals and entities associated with the bank’s former chairman. The Mareva injunction secured in Singapore is one of the largest seen by the Singapore Courts and was part of a co-ordinated effort to simultaneously obtain freezing orders in jurisdictions across the world including the UK, Hong Kong SAR, Luxembourg, and Cyprus.

Secured the first “persons unknown” mareva injunction in Singapore relating to the theft of over US$70 million worth of cryptocurrency from a cryptocurrency wallet as part of a sophisticated cyber-attack.

Acting for the Singapore subsidiaries of one of the world’s largest marine energy transportation, storage, and production businesses listed on the New York Stock Exchange against one of China’s largest shipbuilders in respect of a pre-action discovery application before the Singapore Courts relating to certain EPC contracts for vessels valued at approximately US$180 million

Acting for a trade finance bank in pursuing recovery actions against Hin Leong Trading Pte Ltd and its associated entities in respect of the bank’s exposure under trade financing agreements. The matter involves allegations of fraud and involves exposure of approximately US$3.85 billion to 23 banks.

Acting for a Singapore trade finance company to recover US$63.3 million lent to a Singapore commodities firm from the latter’s Ontario and Dubai-based guarantors in Singapore High Court proceedings. The guarantors are disputing their repayment obligations on several grounds including that the monies were not lent in the first place, and that the guarantees are not valid and binding.

Approach to Litigation

Oon & Bazul excels in managing disputes involving varied parties, languages, and complex issues. Our commitment to achieving the best outcomes remains unwavering, regardless of the complexity at hand. Our lawyers’ adeptness in overseeing and coordinating multi-jurisdictional dispute resolution is unparalleled, ensuring seamless enforcement across different legal jurisdictions while safeguarding client interests.

Furthermore, Oon & Bazul’s versatility is showcased by our extensive track record across numerous industry sectors. Our lawyers don’t just understand the intricacies of each sector; they tailor their strategies to fit each client’s unique challenges and aspirations, underlining Oon & Bazul’s position as a comprehensive litigation expert.

Approach to Dispute Resolution

Oon & Bazul emphasise that optimal resolutions marry legal sagacity with commercial wisdom. Committed to grasping each client’s specific context, industry, and goals, our dispute resolution law firm crafts strategies ensuring resolutions are both legally robust and commercially savvy. Strategic foresight underpins their method, with a dedication to proactive planning and rigorous negotiation.

While we champion amicable settlements, our clients’ welfare always reigns supreme. Each dispute is treated uniquely, directing the firm’s focus towards client-specific requirements. Clients benefit from this bespoke approach: it’s cost-effective, emphasising efficiency and streamlining processes. Ultimately, solutions are tailored, ensuring legal soundness and alignment with each client’s distinctive commercial landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions about Litigation and Dispute Resolution Lawyers

Oon & Bazul employs a comprehensive approach to assessing the financial implications of litigation. Drawing from their extensive experience with high net worth individuals, distressed companies, and various enterprises, our litigation and dispute resolution lawyers will evaluate potential costs, risks, and outcomes to guide strategic decision-making. By meticulously examining each financial facet, from immediate legal fees to long-term economic implications, Oon & Bazul ensures clients are well-informed.

Oon & Bazul champions a pragmatic approach to dispute resolution, emphasising alternatives like mediation and settlement discussions. Recognising that litigation can be both costly and time-consuming, our law firm prioritises efficient, client-centric solutions. By harnessing alternative dispute resolution techniques, our lawyers aim to streamline the resolution process, fostering amicable resolutions and safeguarding client relationships.

Our litigation and dispute resolution law firm’s methodology combines an exhaustive exploration of legal databases with an analytical approach to case precedents, ensuring an informed perspective for every legal challenge. This foundational research is synthesised into formidable strategies, tailored to align with the unique nuances of each case. Our lawyers’ commitment to this dual-focused approach has been instrumental in navigating intricate legal frameworks and achieving desired outcomes.

Oon & Bazul has a growing record in navigating multi-jurisdictional disputes. Our expertise spans a vast range of industries and regions, from Asia to North America. Our dispute resolution law firm is adept at understanding varied legal systems, ensuring comprehensive strategies tailored to each jurisdiction. With experience in both institutional and ad-hoc arbitrations, our lawyers have consistently demonstrated their capability to address complex cross-border challenges. Beyond litigation and dispute resolution, clients seeking cryptocurrency lawyers or in need of a tax law firm can trustfully turn to our team.

Oon & Bazul’s litigation services extend across a broad spectrum of industries, providing support in areas as varied as international trade, shipping, healthcare, technology, and finance. Our litigation law firm is adept at tackling complex disputes in pharmaceuticals, commodities, energy sectors, and even private wealth management. With teams dedicated to specific verticals, Oon & Bazul brings a nuanced understanding of industry-specific challenges, ensuring tailored legal strategies. This multi-industry proficiency allows our litigation and dispute resolution lawyers to serve diverse clients, ranging from ultra-high net worth individuals to multinational corporations, with the same level of excellence.