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General terms of use of the website Oon & Bazul

The website https://oonbazul.com/ is owned and managed by Oon & Bazul LLP (hereinafter: Oon & Bazul). Documents, data and information published on the website https://oonbazul.com/cannot be forwarded or used in any manner for commercial purposes without the explicit consent of Oon & Bazul or in any manner that can cause damage to Oon & Bazul or any third party. Documents, data and information published on this website can be used only for individual needs of the website visitor (hereinafter: User) complying with all copyright and proprietary rights and the rights of third parties. 

By using the content of this website, the User accepts: 

  • All risks arising from the use of the website https://oonbazul.com/
  • To use the content of the website https://oonbazul.com/ exclusively for own, non-profitable and non-commercial needs. Oon & Bazul fully waives any liability that can arise in any manner or is related in any manner to the use of this website, as well as any damage that can be incurred by the User or any third party pertaining to the use of the content of the website https://oonbazul.com/

The website https://oonbazul.com/ contains information on services of Oon & Bazul and links to other websites created by third parties which will be marked as such whenever possible. Oon & Bazul does not supervise the said information or other websites and fully waives any liability for the accuracy and availability of the content on websites created by third parties. 

The website https://oonbazul.com/ uses the so-called cookies. General terms of use of the website Oon & Bazul provide clear and relevant information on cookies that are used and reasons for their use. Cookies are a set of data generated by the website, which are placed on the User’s disk by a web browser in the form of a small text file. 

Session cookies, small files, are placed on the User’s computer or mobile device through websites that are visited or certain messages received via e-mail. Their use is widespread so that websites could function properly and so that their owner could receive business and marketing information. 

Cookies contain a text string, which contains browser information. For work, the cookie does not have to recognize where the User is from, it should just establish the User’s web browser type. Some cookies used by Oon & Bazul store personal information of the User. However, such information is stored only if the User has published or entered it himself/herself on the https://oonbazul.com/website, namely exclusively for the purpose of obtaining necessary information for easier functioning and use of the website https://oonbazul.com/.

Cookies are used for technical reasons to enable efficient operation of the
website https://oonbazul.com/, i.e.: 

  • to maintain balance of website traffic, and in order for users to receive coherent and reliable services; 
  • to limit the traffic to the key parts of the website and to maintain the levels of work efficiency; 
  • to ensure User’s connection with the relevant service on the website, when the manner of website operation is being changed; 
  • to direct the User to specific applications of some service or to specific servers; 
  • to gain insight into how visitors use the website and how the website can be improved in terms of its usability. 

Cookies are used so that the User could use the website https://oonbazul.com/ more easily: 

  • they store information entered by the User in the order forms when navigating through various pages during a web browser session; 
  • they store goods and services ordered when the purchase confirmation page is reached; 
  • they store login identification on the website; 
  • they store applied settings, such as the appearance, font size, preferences and colours; 
  • they display logins on the website. 

Cookies are stored on a devices used for accessing the website https://oonbazul.com/ which remembers this setting for the next visit. A cookie stops being valid after a certain time (and in any case within a period of 13 months). The User has the option to delete cookies through the web browser settings. All additional information on the deletion or blocking of cookies are found on the following link aboutcookies.org 

Internet browsers enable changes of settings related to cookies. Settings are most often found in the menu “Options” or “Preferences”. The links below can be helpful if the User wishes to understand settings better: 

On the website https://oonbazul.com/, Oon & Bazul also uses cookies for targeting related to the services provided by third parties, such as the option “Share on social media”. 

All of these cookies are managed by third parties, and any additional privacy information is available on the websites of those third parties. By using the website https://oonbazul.com/, the User accepts the use of cookies for targeting. Oon & Bazul will not be responsible for any loss of functionality and/or quality of content of the website https://oonbazul.com/ if the user chooses regulation for receiving cookies. 

More information on the manner of regulation/exclusion from this type of cookies is found on the link: www.networkadvertising.org/choices

Other than this, the website https://oonbazul.com/ monitors statistical visits exclusively for obtaining necessary information using Google Analytics, analytical web service provided by the Google Inc. corporation (hereinafter: “Google”). 

Google Analytics uses cookies, text files placed on the User’s computer as an assistance when analysing the manner in which users use the website https://oonbazul.com/, and Google uses the provided information for assessing the website use by the User, for preparing reports on website activities and internet use. Google will not relate the User’s IP address to any other data owned by Google. 

Additional information on the cookies of Google Analytics is found on the Google pages related to providing assistance, and the privacy policy: Google Privacy Policy
and Google Analytics Help. Google has developed an additional browser program for JavaScript Google Analytics by which it is turned off (ga.js, analytics.js, dc.js). If the User wishes to be excluded from Google Analytics, the User must download and install an additional program for its web browser. Additional information is available on the following link.

Oon & Bazul undertakes to respect anonymity and privacy of the User of the website https://oonbazul.com/. Oon & Bazul collects personal data of the User only if such data is voluntarily submitted to Oon & Bazul by the User, when filling in the contact form. Oon & Bazul will use the said data exclusively for performing its obligations related to the services and devices for using the services ordered via the website https://oonbazul.com/ or its legal obligations, collection of receivables, development of its services and prevention of potential abuse. Oon & Bazul assumes the obligation to store all data on the Users in accordance with the applicable regulations and to enable its availability exclusively to employees who need that data for performing work. All employees of Oon & Bazul who come into contact with the Users’ data when performing work are responsible for complying with the privacy principle. Oon & Bazul is entitled, in the event of a request of a state authority, institution or competent regulatory authority, to make the User’s data available to those authorities, institutions and regulatory authorities in accordance with the applicable regulations. 

By using the website https://oonbazul.com/, it is deemed that the User is familiar with and agrees with these General Terms, including personal data processing provisions and cookie options. 

In line with its business policy or amendments of positive regulations, Oon & Bazul reserves the right to make changes to the General Terms of Use of the website, about which it will notify the Users in the usual manner. 

Privacy of users of the Oon & Bazul portal 

Oon & Bazul undertakes to respect anonymity and privacy of users of all portals and applications for which it is exclusively responsible. This relates to public portals and applications and to internal applications used for business and realization of services of the user, with the note that Oon & Bazul does not have control over or responsibility for storing and processing personal data left by the users on the websites of third parties.

Oon & Bazul may collect user’s personal data, such as name and last name, telephone number (including mobile phone), email address of location (IP address), only if the user submits them voluntarily or makes it available.

The collected data will be used for preparing and informing the user on offers (the user reserves the right to inform Oon & Bazul if they do not want to receive such data, after which Oon & Bazul will no longer do so), submitting complaints and sending answers to user’s inquiries, within the period necessary for achieving the purpose.

Personal data is processed to the extent necessary to fulfil the purpose of processing, and it is stored as long as necessary for achieving the said purpose, except when the law obliges Oon & Bazul to still store that data. The User is aware of the fact Oon & Bazul can be asked to disclose personal data upon request of state authorities, based on the law.

Oon & Bazul has applied technical and organizational security measures in accordance with which it guarantees data security and it will not allow any accidental or unlawful destruction, accidental loss, misuse, prohibited disclosure or access or any other form of unlawful processing.

If the User believes that its data collected by Oon & Bazul has been misused, the User should contact Oon & Bazuls communication channels intended for user contact. Since access to portals is in question here, it is proposed to only make official info email addresses available for contact ([email protected]).

All relevant information on respecting anonymity and privacy of users of the website https://oonbazul.com/, and all relevant information pertaining to the use of so-called cookies and reason for their use are contained in the General Terms of Use of the website. 

This document will be applied starting from 1st of December 2022.