Private Wealth & Family Office Law Firm

Getting the expertise of a law firm with a private wealth and family office practice will help you understand complex wealth structures as you diversify your assets, estate planning to minimise tax liabilities and more. Moreover, acquiring legal assistance allows you to effectively preserve your wealth and avoid conflicts associated with tax laws, financial regulations, and family disputes.

At Oon & Bazul, our private wealth and family office practice represents ultra-high net-worth individuals and families spanning across Asia. We look to maintain a strong presence in regions where our clients originate, live and engage in commercial activity, resulting in a solid presence in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Services in Family Office & Private Wealth Law

Our law firm has represented generations of clients in long-term planning for their families, businesses and philanthropies.

We have experience in coordinating multiple aspects of family office and private law, including the following:

  • Crisis management
    • Building a core crisis management team
    • Business crises
    • Personal & family crises
  • Family governance
    • Family constitution
    • Family council
  • Legal, trust, tax advisory & corporate services
    • Administration of companies
    • Contracts & litigation
    • Corporate & investment structuring
    • Tax advisory
    • Family shareholdings
    • Nominee & trust services
    • Regulatory oversight
  • Philanthropy
    • Charity due diligence
    • Charity monitoring
    • Charity strategy & donation allocation
    • Foundation management
  • Succession planning
    • Business continuity planning/Leadership training
    • Life insurance management
    • Wealth transfer planning
    • Wills & trust

Expertise of Oon & Bazul in Family Office & Private Wealth Law

Our law firm boasts a team of professionals specialising in private wealth and family office services. Their extensive knowledge and experience ensure clients receive tailored solutions addressing their unique needs and challenges.

Our private law and family office lawyer represented a high net-worth client from China in a legal action filed against a private banking institution based in Singapore. The lawsuit was initiated due to alleged breaches of contractual agreements and unauthorised financial transactions, which led to substantial financial losses and damages. With our expertise in cross-border litigation and financial regulations, our partner advocated for our client’s rights and interests throughout the legal proceedings. They worked to secure fair compensation for the losses incurred as a result of the bank’s actions.

This case exemplifies our commitment to diligently safeguarding the financial well-being of high net-worth clients, irrespective of their global locations, and underscores our proficiency in navigating complex international legal matters involving private banking institutions.

Understanding Ultra-High Net Worth Clients and Family Dynamics

Professionals at our law firm have a wealth of experience advising ultra-high net-worth clients across Asia about managing their private wealth and family offices. With a deep understanding of diverse cultures, legal frameworks, and financial landscapes, we have successfully represented individuals and families in preserving and growing their substantial wealth for generations.

We recognise that managing substantial wealth involves more than just financial acumen. It requires a profound understanding of the unique needs, goals, and complexities that arise within family dynamics. With this, you can expect our professionals to be well-versed in addressing issues related to succession planning, asset protection, and wealth transfer, all while nurturing family cohesion and preserving legacies.

Our law firm is committed to delivering personalised attention to each client. We understand the necessity of discretion in handling sensitive matters and offer a safe and confidential space for family office discussions. We strive to build long-term client relationships to ensure your and your family’s success and well-being for generations.

When crises strike that compromise your private wealth and family dynamics, our law firm takes a proactive and strategic approach. We prioritise swift action, open communication, and creative problem-solving to navigate through challenges efficiently and effectively.

Our professionals understand that a well-prepared crisis response begins with a strong core crisis management team. As such, they collaborate closely with you to assemble a team that includes financial and communication professionals. Together, we develop robust risk mitigation strategies that anticipate potential crises and minimise their impact.

Family governance encompasses a dynamic system that fosters effective communication, informed decision-making, and wealth preservation across generations within ultra-high net-worth families. Working with a law firm that has a family office practice encourages constructive dialogue on financial matters, personal goals, and family values, strengthening family bonds and minimising conflicts.

We work to give you the essential tools to form the backbone of effective family governance. During councils, our lawyer can facilitate collective decisions on private wealth management and align the family’s long-term goals while clear guidelines and policies ensure wealth preservation. Additionally, they can collaborate with you on family governance structures to prepare and educate the next generation for leadership roles, ensuring the continuity of the family’s legacy.

Oon & Bazul offers a comprehensive suite of legal, trust, tax advisory and corporate services tailored to the needs of ultra-high-net-worth clients. From establishing trusts to structuring complex investment arrangements, we provide the expertise necessary to safeguard and optimise your private wealth.

Our law firm excels in administering companies, managing intricate contracts, and crafting bespoke corporate and investment structures that align with your financial objectives. Expect great attention to detail and dedication to excellence as our professionals deliver results that stand the test of time.

When high-net-worth individuals and families seek to give back to their communities, our lawyers can assist you in evaluating potential beneficiaries, effectively managing philanthropic foundations, and more. Over the years, our law firm has guided clients through their philanthropic endeavours. We understand that philanthropy is a deeply personal and meaningful journey. As such, we offer services such as charity due diligence, ongoing monitoring, strategy development, and foundation management to help you make a lasting impact on the communities you serve.

Having assets and business interests that are complex, valuable or spread across different countries exposes your private wealth to different hidden risks. Different legal, regulatory, and tax environments can have an unintended impact on you and your beneficiaries. Succession planning is imperative to ensure a seamless transition between current and future generations, creating a sustainable financial legacy.

And with this, our law firm strives to assist you in making this possible. By working with you, our lawyers can help customise estate planning and succession strategy that meets your goals and values. Our legal assistance includes business continuity, leadership training, life insurance management, and the establishment of wills and trusts to ensure a seamless transition of wealth to the next generation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Private Wealth & Family Office Law Firm

We have spent a significant number of years working with ultra-high net-worth individuals and families, structuring family shareholdings and safeguarding family assets. Our law firm specialises in creating tailored solutions that include family holding structures, trusts, and legal frameworks for seamlessly transferring assets between generations while minimising tax implications and protecting against external threats. Our legal experts can assist in navigating complex financial landscapes, domestically and internationally, to establish structures that optimise private wealth preservation for the family legacy.

Our law firm has a distinguished history of facilitating the proper governance of philanthropy and charitable organisations for our clients. Private wealth and family office also encompasses philanthropic endeavours requiring a structured and strategic approach to maximise their impact. As such, we guide clients through establishing and managing foundations, charitable trusts, and philanthropic initiatives. Furthermore, we help navigate these charitable ventures’ legal and operational complexities while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Oon & Bazul develops comprehensive succession planning strategies by understanding your needs, experiences, and values regarding your private wealth. Legal experts from our law firm will then discuss all the aspects of your succession plan, from establishing wills and trusts to business continuity. That way, they can create a clear and sustainable succession plan that ensures a seamless wealth transition for the next generation. Furthermore, succession planning with family governance strategies also reduces the scope for family conflict and disagreements.

The goal of our law firm is to ensure the family business endures and thrives in changing economic landscapes to secure long-term prosperity. Our approach is to conduct a thorough assessment of your family business’s interests and objectives. Our lawyers specialising in private wealth & family law, will work with you to identify all the potential risks and challenges that may affect business continuity.

We then develop tailored strategies and contingency plans to mitigate these risks. This includes creating structures that facilitate the smooth transition of ownership and addressing key personnel, succession, and governance issues. Additionally, we focus on preserving the core values and vision that have driven the family’s enterprises to success.

Having knowledge on the complexities associated with substantial wealth and family dynamics, our law firm provides you with personalised legal solutions and assistance to meet your needs. We have legal experts who are experienced in working with them, offering our expertise in tax planning, asset protection, estate management, and other critical aspects of private wealth & family office. When partnering with us, these individuals and families can expect our utmost discretion and a global perspective on wealth management. Aside from our private wealth & family law practice, our clientele may also engage our cryptocurrency lawyers in instances of disputes and other related concerns.