Tax Law Firm

To the uninitiated, tax laws can often appear to be this set of seemingly impenetrable legal rules which are too complicated for the layperson to comprehend. To compound difficulties, tax disputes often arise because of differing interpretations of the legal provisions in the tax law statutes. Navigating the complexities of tax rules and regulations can thus be a daunting task for both business corporations and high-net-worth individuals.

Falling foul of tax laws can result in severe consequences. Not only do the breaches of the tax codes attract the imposition of hefty legal penalties, these breaches can also lead to severe reputational damage for the affected businesses.

The complexities in the tax laws and regulations demand the expertise of qualified tax attorneys who can, not only guide clients in navigating the labyrinth of tax rules, but also provide effective legal representation for clients embroiled in tax-related disputes. Therefore, it’s important to partner with a reputable tax law firm in Singapore, such as Oon & Bazul.

We have experienced tax lawyers, who can tap on their wide and varied experience, including previous work experience with the Singapore tax authorities (IRAS), to assist clients in navigating the increasingly difficult and rapidly evolving changes in tax rules and regulations. Our tax lawyers can advise on a broad range of cross-border and Singapore tax issues spanning across multiple industries. We recognise that each client’s situation is unique, and thus, we aim to provide timely and pragmatic tax advice that is tailored to meet the commercial needs unique to each client’s circumstances.

Crucially, our tax lawyers also have the capability to effectively litigate the high-signature tax disputes before the Singapore tax tribunals and the Singapore courts. This requires not only Singapore tax specialist knowledge, but also the requisite litigation know-how and resources to advance effectively the client’s case in protracted Singapore tax disputes, which a reputable dispute resolution law firm such as Oon & Bazul can offer.

Tax Dispute Resolution Services

Drawing on our wide and varied experience, including work experience with the Singapore tax authorities (IRAS), our tax practice lawyers are uniquely placed to represent clients, both business corporations and individuals, who are caught up in contentious tax disputes (both civil and criminal tax litigation matters). Our tax dispute practice includes the following:

  • Advance Rulings
  • Voluntary Disclosure
  • Support for Audit / Tax Investigations
  • Civil Tax litigation
  • Criminal Tax litigation
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Assistance on Advance Pricing Arrangements (APAs)
  • Assistance on Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP), which may include Mandatory Binding Arbitration procedures provided for in some international tax treaties
  • Support for Exchange of Information (EOI) requests

Tax Advisory Services

Our tax law firm provides pragmatic and timely legal advice tailored to meet the client’s commercial needs. Our tax advisory services cover the following:

  • Corporate income tax
  • Personal income tax
  • Goods and services tax (GST)
  • Property tax
  • Stamp duty
  • Cross-border tax advisory matters

Expertise of Oon & Bazul in Tax Dispute Resolution

Our tax law firm is committed to effectively representing you or your business in Singapore tax disputes, including both civil tax litigation and criminal tax litigation, before the Singapore tax tribunals and the Singapore courts. We can draw on our wide and varied experience, including work experience with the Singapore tax authorities (IRAS), to anticipate the arguments that the tax regulators are likely to raise against you in such tax disputes and assist you in navigating through the intricacies of Singapore’s tax dispute resolution system.

Expertise of Oon & Bazul in Tax Advisory

With years of experience in the tax practice and an intimate understanding of how the tax regulators are likely to treat specific tax issues, our valued clients can benefit from pragmatic solutions that will meet their specific commercial needs and challenges.

We understand that for businesses, it can often be difficult to comprehend, and keep up with, the constantly evolving Singapore corporate income tax rules. Our tax law team is dedicated towards providing commercially sensible legal advice on various Singapore corporate income tax matters, including those pertaining to Singapore tax incentives.

Our services extend beyond corporations to assist high-net-worth individuals with their personal income tax concerns. Our tax law firm provides legal guidance on various Singapore tax issues to help you achieve your financial goals while fulfilling your Singapore tax obligations at the same time.

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is often an unavoidable issue that many businesses in Singapore have to grapple with. Our tax law team can offer businesses useful legal advice on various Singapore GST matters to ensure compliance with the Singapore GST laws.

It is important for property owners in Singapore to understand Singapore’s property tax laws and regulations. Our tax law firm can assist clients with, not only legal advice on Singapore property tax matters but also represent them in Singapore property tax disputes and appeals, including those concerning assessment and valuation.

Stamp duty issues affect, not only property owners, but also various businesses in Singapore, and the financial implications of these Singapore stamp duty issues can be significant.  Our tax law team is well-placed to advise clients on various Singapore stamp duty matters, including those pertaining to compliance and exemptions.

In a globalised world, it is becoming increasingly common for businesses to encounter cross-border tax issues. Our tax law firm can render to our clients cross-border tax advisory services, so as to assist them in ensuring compliance with the tax laws while optimising their business operations at the same time. Our legal assistance encompasses tax advisory services pertaining to the interpretation and application of international tax treaties, as well as the management of cross-border transfer pricing tax disputes.

Tax disputes can arise, either because of differing interpretations of the legal provisions in the tax codes, or the different application of the tax laws to the facts. Our tax law firm has the requisite experience and knowledge to help clients achieve a favourable resolution in such tax disputes.

Our tax law team can assist clients in obtaining advance rulings from the Singapore tax authorities. These rulings provide clarity and certainty regarding the tax implications of specific transactions or structures, which would enable clients to make informed business decisions while minimising potential tax disputes.

In instances of tax non-compliance, we offer comprehensive assistance to clients in making voluntary disclosures to tax authorities. Our tax law team works diligently to help clients rectify their tax non-compliance issues while striving to minimise penalties and legal repercussions. We understand the importance of managing tax compliance issues proactively and the value of cooperating fully with the tax authorities.

In the event our clients are confronted with a tax audit or investigation, our tax law firm can work closely with them to seek the best possible resolution of the tax audit or investigation. We provide unwavering support throughout the process, offering effective legal representation and strategic advice. Our team’s deep understanding of the tax regulator’s concerns will enable us to help our clients effectively navigate tax audits and investigations while safeguarding the clients’ commercial interests.

Should civil tax disputes be litigated before the Singapore tax tribunals or the Singapore courts, our law firm can act as a formidable advocate for our clients. With an intimate understanding of the case strategies and arguments which the tax regulators are likely to use in such civil tax litigation disputes, and our in-depth understanding of the Singapore tax laws, we believe we are uniquely placed to protect our clients’ commercial interests and secure for our clients a favourable outcome in such civil tax litigation proceedings.

A conviction for criminal tax charges can lead to severe penal consequences. Our tax law firm is committed to defending our client’s rights and interests vigorously in criminal tax litigation proceedings before the Singapore courts.

In some cases, pursuing an amicable resolution is the preferred approach to managing tax disputes. Our tax law firm can employ alternative dispute resolution methods, such as negotiation and settlement, to efficiently resolve tax-related disagreements. Our goal is to find practical, cost-effective, and mutually beneficial solutions for our clients.

Transfer pricing issues can lead to protracted cross-border tax disputes which can take years to resolve. As such, our tax law team can assist clients by working closely with tax authorities pertaining to Advance Pricing Arrangements (APAs) applications. These APAs are particularly useful in helping clients to comply with the transfer pricing regulations, and at the same time, reduce the risk of transfer pricing tax disputes.

International tax treaty disputes can sometimes arise, which will in turn require resolution through the Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP). Our tax law firm can work in tandem with the tax authorities to help our clients resolve such international tax treaty disputes. In addition, we can also assist clients in addressing Exchange of Information (EOI) requests made by the tax authorities.