Launch of New Practice Area and New Partner Appointment

Launch of New Practice Area and New Partner Appointment

Published On: June 1, 20232.7 min read

SINGAPORE, THURSDAY 1 JUNE 2023 – Oon & Bazul LLP (“Oon & Bazul”), one of Singapore’s leading independent conflict-free law firm renowned for its exceptional legal services, is pleased to announce the appointment of Ma HanFeng (“HanFeng”), a former Deputy Public Prosecutor as Partner of its Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice; in tandem with the launch of the Tax practice area. This expansion reinforces the firm’s ethos of partnering with top talent, further bolstering its capabilities in delivering comprehensive and strategic solutions to clients.

The new practice, which focuses on Tax, represents Oon & Bazul’s commitment to continually enhancing its offerings and staying ahead in an ever-evolving legal landscape. With an increasing demand for specialised expertise in Tax, given the shifting affluency trends towards this region, the firm is poised to provide clients with unparalleled guidance and representation in navigating complex legal challenges.

Commenting on the expansion, Oon & Bazul’s Managing Partner, Bazul Ashhab, stated, “We are excited to launch our new practice area and welcome HanFeng to our esteemed team. This expansion is a testament to our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of our clients in this ever-evolving global economy and providing with exceptional legal solutions. With the addition of HanFeng’s expertise, we are confident that our Litigation and Dispute Resolution team will be even better positioned to serve our clients and deliver favourable outcomes.”

Ma HanFeng, who has over 13 years of legal experience, joins the firm as Partner of Litigation & Dispute Resolution, with a special focus on Tax and White Collar Crime. He will be instrumental in setting up, and heading the firm’s Tax Practice. This includes advising on a broad range of cross-border and domestic tax issues spanning across multiple industries, covering tax advisory services such as Corporate income tax, Personal income tax, Goods and services tax (GST), Property tax and Stamp duty. The Tax disputes practice also includes Advance Rulings, Voluntary Disclosure, Support for Audit/Investigations, Civil tax litigation, Criminal tax litigation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Assistance on Advance Pricing Arrangements (APAs), Assistance on Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP), which may include Mandatory Binding Arbitration procedures provided for in some international tax treaties, and Support for Exchange of Information (EOI) requests.

HanFeng’s impressive experience spans across various legal arenas. His diverse background encompasses both tax prosecution and criminal law, making him a formidable asset to the firm and its clients. During his secondment to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), HanFeng showcased his multifaceted abilities by not only prosecuting tax offenders but also representing the IRAS in civil tax litigation cases. HanFeng also served as a Deputy Public Prosecutor at the esteemed Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), where he honed his skills in handling an extensive range of criminal cases. His expertise encompasses a diverse array of legal matters, including corruption, intricate fraud-related cases such as embezzlement, money laundering, and other complex financial crimes.

As Oon & Bazul enters this new phase of growth and innovation, it remains dedicated to upholding its core values of integrity, excellence, and client-centricity. The firm’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution team will continue to provide the highest quality of legal services, ensuring that clients receive curated solutions that align with their unique objectives.

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