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International Arbitration Law Firm

International arbitration in today’s world is a vital mechanism for resolving cross-border disputes by providing a neutral forum that respects various legal systems, cultures, and commercial practices.

International Arbitration is one of Oon & Bazul’s core practice areas. Our law firm has experience handling a range of major arbitrations in cities around the world including London, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The arbitration regimes that we are familiar with include ICC, SIAC, HKIAC, CIETAC, LCIA, LMAA, PORAM, GAFTA and FOSFA.

Over the years, we have handled highly complex disputes involving niche industries such as aviation, shipping, international trade, oil & gas, projects, reinsurance and mineral exploration.

Services In International Arbitration

Oon & Bazul offers comprehensive services in international arbitration. The firm’s international arbitration lawyers advise on jurisdictional issues, help with the selection of arbitrators, conduct research on complex legal questions, and represent clients in hearings. Our services extend to all stages of the dispute resolution process, from initial consultation to the final award and its enforcement and include:

  • Strategic Planning and Case Analysis: Providing thorough case analysis, evidence gathering, and strategic planning tailored to each client’s unique needs and objectives.
  • Research and Legal Consultation: Conducting comprehensive research on complex legal questions and offering specialised consultations.
  • Drafting of Arbitration Agreements: Assisting clients with the formation and negotiation of arbitration clauses and agreements.
  • Selection of Arbitrators: Assisting clients in the selection, appointment, and challenge of arbitrators.
  • Representation in Arbitral Proceedings: Providing legal representation during arbitration hearings, including presenting arguments and evidence.
  • Enforcement of Arbitral Awards: Assisting in enforcing and executing arbitral awards in various jurisdictions.

The above areas highlight the comprehensive range of services offered by Oon & Bazul, reflecting their significant expertise in the field of international arbitration.

Expertise of Oon & Bazul in International Arbitration

Our team of lawyers possess a combination of rigorous academic qualifications, rich industry experience, and sharp legal acumen, allowing them to tackle complex legal challenges. The international reach of our services, coupled with the in-depth local knowledge, forms the core of our practice. This enables our international arbitration lawyers to navigate cultural and legal barriers effortlessly. Our success in numerous high-profile cases across various sectors reflects our unmatched dedication to achieving our clients’ objectives.

Case Studies For International Arbitration

In a New York arbitration, the team dealt with a significant US$38 million claim against a national airline. The complexity of the case required strategic legal manoeuvres, leading to the successful attainment of anti-suit injunctions. These injunctions compelled the airline to arbitrate the disputes, showcasing the team’s expertise in enforcing international arbitration agreements and navigating the legal procedures of the United States.

This Singapore arbitration involved a complex claim exceeding US$30 million, related to the construction of a drill pipe laying barge. The intricacy of the case was in understanding the construction and engineering industry, and contractual obligations. Through diligent analysis and representation, the team arrived at a successful resolution, reflecting their in-depth understanding of the construction industry and Singapore arbitration laws.

A Singapore international arbitration between a global car manufacturer and its national sales company in a large Asian country resulted in a successful claim for several tens of millions of USD in damages and legal costs. The case centred on wrongful termination, encompassing a range of intricate legal aspects such as the materiality of breaches, reputational damage, good faith obligations, and the detailed assessment of damages.

As lead arbitration counsel, Suresh coordinated and led a multi-national team that included law firms from Japan and India, along with expert witnesses hailing from the United States, England, Japan, and India. The opposing side was composed of a team of lawyers from a substantial Japanese law firm and a renowned “magic circle” English law firm, headed by a distinguished Queen’s Counsel.

Other case studies:

  • A Singapore arbitration involving claims for US$20 million relating to the construction and laying of a flexible flow line at an offshore oil field.
  • A Singapore construction arbitration involving one of the largest earth-filling projects in the region.
  • A Hong Kong arbitration involving a multi-million dollar claim for breaches of contract relating to a gold exploration project in northern China.
  • A Bangkok arbitration involving business interruption claims arising from the 2004 tsunami in Asia.
  • Advising a major Japanese electronics company on disputes in a Hong Kong arbitration arising from the acquisition of a subsidiary worth US$110 million from another major electronics company.

Approach to International Arbitration

The approach taken by Oon & Bazul in international arbitration is characterised by meticulous preparation, strategic insight, and a client-centric focus. Here is an in-depth look at these aspects:

Preparation and Presentation

The firm’s approach begins with a comprehensive evaluation of each case. This involves a deep understanding of the issues at stake, an evaluation of the arbitral procedure, and the careful construction of arguments. Whether in ad-hoc or institutional arbitration, Oon & Bazul’s lawyers are adept at preparing and presenting cases in a manner that is both persuasive and aligned with the applicable legal principles.

Emphasis on Analysis, Evidence, and Strategy

At the heart of the firm’s approach lies a commitment to thorough case analysis, robust evidence gathering, and strategic planning. By identifying key issues early, marshalling compelling evidence, and developing a targeted strategy, the firm ensures that its clients’ interests are advanced effectively and efficiently.

Commitment to Communication and Collaboration

Oon & Bazul places a premium on open and effective communication with clients. The firm believes that collaboration is key to understanding and fulfilling the clients’ objectives. This philosophy permeates every stage of the arbitration process, from the initial client meeting to the execution of the arbitral award. A transparent and consultative approach ensures that the clients’ interests are front and centre, and that they are engaged and informed throughout the process.

The approach to international arbitration adopted by Oon & Bazul is a testament to the firm’s dedication to excellence in legal practice. It reflects a thorough and strategic method that does not lose sight of the individual needs and objectives of each client, ensuring tailored and effective representation in the complex world of international arbitration.

Specialisation in Niche Industries

Oon & Bazul’s specialisation in niche industries sets them apart in the international arbitration landscape. The firm is renowned for handling complex disputes across specialised sectors such as aviation, shipping, oil & gas, and more. Their expertise extends to managing critical matters with a profound understanding of the specific regulatory frameworks and dynamics of each industry. The portfolio showcases versatility, featuring significant cases in diverse fields.

What distinguishes Oon & Bazul further is their nuanced grasp of the unique legal and technical challenges within these sectors, allowing them to navigate cases with precision. This specialised approach reflects a commitment to tailored, top-tier legal services, recognising and aligning with the distinct complexities of each dispute.

International Arbitration Regimes

Oon & Bazul’s extensive practice in international arbitration encompasses a diverse range of arbitration regimes, demonstrating their global reach and adaptability. Among these are:

  • ICC (International Chamber of Commerce): Known for handling large, complex commercial disputes.
  • SIAC (Singapore International Arbitration Centre): Renowned for its modern and efficient rules, especially in Asian contexts.
  • HKIAC (Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre): A leading centre for dispute resolution in Asia.
  • CIETAC (China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission): Specialises in resolving economic and trade disputes.
  • LCIA (London Court of International Arbitration): Offers commercial dispute resolution for European-based cases.
  • LMAA (London Maritime Arbitrators Association): Focuses specifically on maritime disputes.
  • PORAM (Palm Oil Refiners Association of Malaysia): Specialises in disputes related to palm oil trade.
  • GAFTA (Grain and Feed Trade Association): Deals with international grain and feed trade disputes.
  • FOSFA (Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations): Engages in disputes within the oils and fats trade.

Oon & Bazul’s familiarity with these diverse regimes illustrates their ability to navigate the nuanced rules and procedures specific to each, ensuring tailored and competent representation across various industries and legal landscapes. Their depth of knowledge in these particular forums further accentuates their specialisation and adaptability in the field of international arbitration.

Additionally, the firm offers services in areas such as corporate law, employment law, private wealth and family office law, and tax law, among others. With an eye on global standards and local requirements, Oon & Bazul delivers a tailored, client-focused approach that ensures each case is handled with the utmost professionalism and care. Whether you require the services of an international trade law firm or litigation and dispute resolution lawyer, Oon & Bazul is a reliable partner for a diverse clientele seeking adept legal representation.

Frequently Asked Questions About International Arbitration

What steps does Oon & Bazul take to effectively navigate the challenges of language barriers and cultural differences?2023-09-05T14:53:58+08:00

Oon & Bazul recognises the importance of overcoming language barriers and cultural differences in international disputes. They employ multilingual staff and collaborate with local experts when needed, ensuring clear communication. Their culturally aware approach also helps in fostering better client relationships and negotiations.

How does Oon & Bazul assist clients in enforcing and executing arbitral awards across borders?2023-09-05T14:53:23+08:00

Enforcing and executing awards across borders requires comprehensive knowledge of international conventions and local laws. Oon & Bazul assists clients by understanding these complexities, liaising with local counsel if necessary, and undertaking all required legal actions to ensure successful enforcement in various jurisdictions.

How does Oon & Bazul approach the selection and appointment of arbitrators in international arbitration cases?2023-09-05T14:53:40+08:00

Oon & Bazul follows a meticulous process in selecting and appointing arbitrators. They assess factors such as expertise, impartiality, and jurisdictional experience, aligning the choice with the case’s specific requirements. This customised approach guarantees a fair and competent arbitration process.

What expertise does Oon & Bazul have in handling multi-jurisdictional disputes and managing the complexities of different legal systems and cultural considerations?2023-09-05T14:52:47+08:00

Oon & Bazul has substantial experience in navigating multi-jurisdictional disputes. Their expertise spans diverse legal systems and cultures, allowing them to adapt strategies to the local legal landscape. They prioritise understanding cultural nuances and legal distinctions, ensuring a seamless approach to cross-border matters.

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